Terms and Conditions

* A valid passport or EU identity card is required for all guests during check in. We cannot legally accept anyone without one of these documents. A drivers license, non-EU identity cards or EU residence cards are not acceptable. If you require a visa to reside in the EU, these details are also required.

** For group bookings, different conditions apply and will be notified during the booking process. **

Read all the following information carefully to ensure a pleasant stay with us. By accepting our terms and completing the booking process, you confirm that you have read and agree to all terms. Always check the details of your booking to ensure they are correct.

1) Standard Cancellation Policies:
* Cancel 24 hours prior to your arrival date: 0% cancellation fee
* Cancel on your arrival date: 100% of the first night
* No show and no cancellation: 100% of the full reservation.

Cancellation is accepted by email only to reservations@thecornerhostel.com if you booked directly through our website or via the booking site through which a reservation was previous placed. You can call, though an email is still required. Cancellations are only valid once you receive a cancellation confirmation from us. If you do not receive a response, this means we have not received your cancellation request! Please keep a copy of the cancellation email in case you are requested to show it.

2) Booking Validity:
* Groups of 5+ people, contact us for consultation – reservations@thecornerhostel.com. Group bookings made via this booking engine may not be accepted! This also applies if you make multiple bookings for a group.
* Bookings for 7 or more nights are subject to a prepayment and adjusted cancellation conditions.
* No room hopping! We only allow bookings with room changes that are necessary because of low availability.
* As we are a hostel, we typically have a minimum age restriction of 18 years of age and a maximum of 55 years of age for dorm rooms, though the management reserves the right to make a final decision upon your arrival.
* Every guest must keep to their own bed. No bed sharing in dorms!
* A private room means you are guaranteed exclusive use of the room, even if there are more beds than people booked.
* Booking multiple beds in shared dormitory rooms does not guarantee you will be accommodated in the same room. Small groups are recommended to book private rooms or contact us for private dorms. A request for a private dormitory room does not guarantee it will be provided. We will confirm with you after booking if it is possible or not.
* As is the nature of hostels, a guests may need to change rooms during their stay. We shall do our best to avoid this, but it may not always be possible.

3) Payments:
* No payment is taken during the reservation process. All credit card information is taken only as confirmation of booking and in the case of a no show / late cancellation (see Point 1 above).
* Accommodation is payable at the time of check in.
* We accept CZK as well as credit/debit cards.
* If you require a confirmation of your booking for a visa application, we will require a full, non-refundable prepayment.

4) Check in / Check out time:
* Reception is open from 8:30 to 21:00.
* Check in to rooms is available after 12:00.
* Check out from rooms is strictly until 11:00; a penalty will be levied for late check-out.
* Luggage storage is available free of charge for your arrival/departure day.

5) Prices:
Prices displayed through this booking engine are the most up to date, but may differ from prices displayed elsewhere. A confirmed booking is an agreement for the room and price available at the time of booking. Prices are subject to change; however, your original booking price shall remain valid.

6) What’s included?:
* Private rooms – All taxes, bed linens and towels.
* Dorm rooms – All taxes and bed linens. Towels upon request.

7) Damage clause:
* By accepting the terms of The Corner Hostel s.r.o., you acknowledge and accept responsibility for any damage caused to The Corner Hostel s.r.o. (including its staff, other guests or neighbours) by you, members of your group, or anyone invited to Poets Corner Hostel by your group. Further, you hereby authorise The Corner Hostel s.r.o. to charge your credit card (used for making this booking) for the entire amount required to restore the damaged area back to the condition it was prior to your arrival.
* Noise and disturbance is not acceptable. Please respect the quiet time of 22:00 to 9:00. Disrespect of our in-house rules may result in you being asked to leave and/or to pay a fine(s).

8) Smoking:
We have a strict non-smoking policy within all parts of the premises except for the balcony / designated smoking area. If you are found smoking within the property, you will be immediately fined 1,000 CZK.

9) Drinking, Drugs and Behaviour:
No guest will be accepted if they arrive overly intoxicated, even in the case of prepayment. Though drinking is permitted within the property, overly intoxicated guests will be asked to leave the property and the remainder of their payment withheld if said guest is causing a disturbance to the staff, other guests staying at the time or neighbours within the property. Consumption of alcohol within the property (including the balcony) by anyone under the age of 18 is strictly forbidden. The use of illegal substances (including marijuana) is also strictly forbidden, and you will be immediately fined 1,000 CZK or asked to leave the property and the remainder of payment withheld. Any guest causing excessive discomfort to other guests, staff or neighbours through inappropriate behaviour will be asked to leave the property immediately and the remainder of payment withheld.

10) According to Czech law, a vendor is obliged to provide the customer with a receipt. At the same time, the vendor is bound to file that payment with the tax authority online; in case of a technical failure, within a period of maximum 48 hours.

Podle zákona o evidenci tržeb je prodávající povinen vystavit kupujícímu účtenku. Zároveň je povinen zaevidovat přijatou tržbu u správce daně online; v případě technického výpadku pak nejpozději do 48 hodin.

We look forward to welcoming you in Olomouc!