You got questions? We got answers! (many more coming, so tune in later!)

Do you serve breakfast?

Well, the quick answer is no, we do not … but we have been known to whip up some pancakes or omelettes or breakfast burritos when we get hungry ourselves and tend to make sure we have more than enough for our guests, too! We also love to cook in general, and though there may be no regularity to it, fondue or nacho nights have become a thing recently.

WHY don’t you serve breakfast?

We are a small place with a kitchen so that guests themselves can cook and make what they prefer. It is harder and harder to please everyone’s pallet (some want soy, some full fat, some bacon, some vegan), and people have complained before about not having EXACTLY what they want available (even when we offered it for free!) In the age of social media, certain booking sites allowing anonymous reviews and ‘everyone being a critic’, it is just easier to not promise a breakfast option. Of course this also helps us keep the cost of the beds lower (and people DO like that). The main reason, really, is that we love to support the local cafés, restaurants, bakeries and shops … they make some GREAT stuff. In a small city with less tourism, you get a true local flavour and help support the people living here in Olomouc, too (see our map here for some recommendations).

I see you are on the 3rd and 4th floors … do you have a lift?

Oh, if we had a dollar for every time we hear about this, we’d be able to install a lift! I am sorry to say, we do not … this is an old building from the turn of the 19th century, and the owner of the entire building does not want to cause any structural damage putting in a lift. But come on … you can haul that backpack up a few flights or we are happy to come down and help you with your bags (just ask when ringing the intercom) … the view from the balcony is worth it!

What is the best way to make a reservation?

The best way to make a reservation with us is directly on our website! This offers the cheapest option. If you use online options, like the EVIL Booking.com or the popular Hostelworld, then they will add another 15% charge to your reservation. With Hostelworld, you pay them a deposit directly, with Booking.com (evil), we have to collect the extra payment from you upon arrival. Also, when you book through these sites, you do not get the added bonuses we offer directly (no free laundry after 3 nights, no free night stay after 5 nights).

I gave my credit card details on your site or with an online booking site, why do you still ask for payment upon arrival?

Though you left your details with us or on another site, we do not actually charge you! This is JUST a precaution in case you do not cancel within the specified time (24-48 hours, depending on the site you use) or you do not show up without any contact to us. We take NO payment until you arrive! And we do not charge your credit card unless it falls under the Terms and Conditions. Now, Hostelworld takes a charge for their commission from you, but they do not take the payment for the actual room. Also, when you make a reservation with another travel site, they convert your payment to us using their own exchange rate based on either the Euro or British Pound … please note that this rate MAY BE slightly off the actual price upon arrival due to these sites’ odd ways of converting at their own rates!!