Poets’ Corner Hostel was opened in 2002 by Greg and Francie (Australian) and then passed on in 2017 to Ian and Ezra (bloody Yanks), two previous guests that would just never leave the city. To give a bit of the history, below we present the original story of how the hostel came about, which is printed in our information booklet at the hostel:

How did two Australians end up running a hostel in thee Czech Republic?

Yes, we get asked this question all the time. And, yes, this is an attempt to answer it to get out of repeating the story ten times a day! Of course, if you’ve already asked this question and you’re only just reading the answer now, don’t feel bad, we don’t really mind and appreciate that you’re interested.

Greg first came to Czech in 1995. He spent a lot of time over thee next years in the country, helping out in a couple of hostels and making good friends. He visited Olomouc for the first time in 1997. He fell in love with the town and came back to visit plenty of times, spending a generous amount of his time in the teahouse. He had a dream of opening his own hostel and to him Olomouc seemed the best place to do it.

By the time Greg met Francie, at the end of 2001, in a hostel dorm room in Prague (hostel love :), he already had maps and t-shirts made, but was yet to find an actual location. He took her to visit Olomouc and she promptly began to introduce him to her friends and family as her “new boyfriend, Greg, who wants to open his own hostel in Czech Republic”. Little did she realise then how much that introductory sentence would change her own life. Having had this plan thus announced to the world, there was seemingly no turning back.

So on 3 Sept 2002, after a couple of hard months getting the flat ready, Poets’ Corner Hostel opned for business and received its first guests. And the rest, as we say, is in the Guest Books!