Eating Vegetarian/Vegan in Olomouc

bowl of vegan food

It is a truth universally acknowledged that traditional Czech cuisine is all about that pork-dairy-egg triad. Not exactly your go-to? Don’t you worry. Whether you’re a vegan, a vegetarian, a fruit and veg aficionado, a salad admirer, a soy addict or whether you just feel like having a lighter meal, you shall not be starving in Olomouc. The Poets are proud to present some of the places where a meatless option is not just fried cheese with a slice of ham.

Lunch Bistros

outside seating area of a bistro

Bistro u pana Lilka

A small, friendly dining place with the smiliest staff ever and a daily menu of two dishes. If decision-making isn’t your strongest suit, you can get a “mixed menu” and hence try both. You might also treat yourself to a cup of coffee and some yummy cake.

Bistro rozmarýny

A bit further away from the town centre, as it is located by the train station. Every day, you can choose from a menu of three dishes, including vegan and gluten free options. They also have some snacks and cakes to just grab and go. These guys are super busy, so they tend to run out of food by 12:00. Be there early enough or there’ll be no yums left (been there, done that, regretted deeply).

Koza zůstala celá

A buffet-style restaurant where you load your plate with anything you like, plop it onto a scale and see how much you pay. The selection is wide, as you get to choose from various types of pasta/rice/couscous dishes, salads, desserts and so forth. Apart from the food, you’ll also be impressed by their industrial interior with a contrasting living wall.

TIP: Some people struggle to find the place: at Vodní kasárna, walk up the steps and tadaa.

Green Bar

Green Bar has been serving meatless food to the people of Olomouc since 2007, which certainly makes it the veteran of this list. Much like ‘Koza’, it’s a buffet-style restaurant with many options to chose from. On top of that, there’s an outside seating area, which is super convenient if you’re into people-watching.

Asian Food 

noodles and chopsticks in a bowl

On working days, you can opt for the all-you-can-eat buffet lunch in:

  • Aroma Indian Restaurant (just a bit further down the street from the hostel),
  • Taste of India (about 100 m from the hostel) and
  • The Kathmandu Nepali Restaurant (on the Lower Square).

The buffet is perfect for hangovers and super hungers. More importantly, it’s perfect for people who feel no shame in loading their plates several times and gorging themselves all the way into a food coma.

Just a short walk away from the hostel, you can further over-stuff your belly in CÔDÔ Vietnamese restaurant and sushi bar. There’s often at least one tofu dish on their daily menu. If you’re unlucky and there isn’t any, you can always go for one of the a la carte options.

There’s also a number of tiny Asian bistros scattered all around the town. This is where you get the good ol’ crispy tofu & noodles/rice. They are basically open all day long and all week long, which means they regularly save the starving people roaming the streets of Olomouc.

Street Food

Tired of the healthy stuff? Craving some junk food? Say no more.

paper cone of fries


Yes! You can order pizza with stretchy, melty vegan cheese at Pizza JVS. It’s a delivery service with an online ordering system. In other words, you can get a pizza without speaking to anyone. If that’s not a win-win, I don’t know what is.


There are several kebab places in and about the town centre. All of them are open till late night hours, so if you go drinking and find yourself in the need of a second dinner in the centre of Olomouc, there’s always a falafel durum close by to cheer up your belly.


In a street just off the main square, there is a fast food restaurant called Faency Fries. Surprisingly enough, they focus on fries and fries only. You get your cone of deep-fried potato love AND a sauce of your choice. Also, a vegan option is more than just ketchup (!).


You can buy a massive box of pasta for close to no money in Špagetárna. The name literally means ‘the spaghetti place’, which pretty much sums up the concept of this cute little bistro. Popular with students, since it’s located just round the corner from the university library.

Places with Beer

 beer and  burger on a counter


A cool pub just ten minutes away from the hostel. It provides shelter to students, musicians and other free-spirited forms of life. There are several beers on tap, people playing musical instruments and an alleged old dissection table (don’t believe it, it’s a myth!). There are also delicious chilli sin carne and garlic soup to help you get through as many beers as you can stomach.

Klid v ruchu

A lovely beer garden in the centre of town. It basically feels like drinking in a park, except it’s a pub. A pub with local beers, dozens of doggos running around and a grill that focuses on more than just steaks. Thanks to that, meat-free and meat-ful people can drink and dine together in perfect harmony (namaste).

LocAle Pub

An industrial pub nearby the train station. It’s a super stylish place with exciting interior, special beers on tap and fully vegan food for snacking as you down said beers. On Wednesdays, the LocAle folks also prepare some naughty meatless hotdogs or burgers.

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