Volunteering with the Poets: Alina

Alina is a traveller from the United States, who has been to Olomouc multiple times and finally found some time to volunteer with us at the Poets’ Corner Hostel.

You have visited Olomouc before. Why did you decide to return as a volunteer here at Poets’ Corner Hostel?

As some of the guests have said, it feels more like Couchsurfing or staying at someone’s house. So I guess because it’s less like a hostel and more like a home. In my time here as a volunteer so far, about a dozen people have spontaneously extended their stay (probably not because of me). Olomouc is also one of my favorite cities and one of those places where it’s nice to live for a while. It’s a place to enjoy ordinary life more than to go sightseeing.

It’s less like a hostel and more like a home.

What is your favourite thing about Olomouc?

The parks. It has some of the best city parks I’ve ever seen. Being a student/university town, it’s everything a student is: fairly open-minded, laid back, somewhat disorganized, and charming.


What are your favourite places in Olomouc?

Klid v ruchu looks like someone’s attic vomited all over their backyard.

So many hidden gems. The north side of the river park where the trees grow tall and people have picnics and play guitars at the base of a little hill. The peacocks and bent trees in the runners’ park. Klid v ruchu, which looks like someone’s attic vomited all over their backyard. Jazz Tibet Cafe, which is an amazing use of space and has good beer. The lake (on weekdays – weekends it’s full of babies). The walk to Chomout pivovar. Dobra cajovna (teahouse by the park with board games). U Floriana of course. There are many more hidden gems I can’t think of right now and which I haven’t found. Just get out of the city center.

What are the perks of volunteering for the hostel?

You could think of it as an alternative lifestyle.

Free room and board is an obvious one. But you can get that from volunteering at any hostel, and I probably wouldn’t volunteer at another hostel unless it was similar to this. There are entertaining people and variety in your daily life and your schedule. You could think of it as an alternative lifestyle, but that might be getting too philosophical 😀

What kind of people do you meet at the hostel?

It’s like a zoo.

Quite the variety. Seventeen-year-old runaways. Sixty-year-olds cycling to St. Petersburg. People with good taste in music. People from New Zealand. People traveling long term, locals on vacation for the weekend. Europeans. All kinds of people. It’s like a zoo.

“After you’ve done all the sightseeing is when you can really start to appreciate this town.”