Where to Go Swimming this Scorching Summer

When the weather is hot, find a body of water and jump into it

The summer and its tropical temperatures have been merciless. The Poets’ strategy to survive the heat is to sip on a cold beer and have a good swim. Fortunately, Olomouc and its close surroundings have several swimming places to offer. Here are some of our favourite ones…

Love open water swimming? Grab your swimwear, sunglasses and sunscreen and visit:

Poděbrady Lake

On hot days, many locals visit the lake, as they crave some swimming and napping in the sun. With trees surrounding most of it, the lake is truly picturesque and offers a number of beaches to plop on. Near the main beach, there is a small restaurant where you can treat yourself with some snacks, ice cream or beer. The lake is conveniently situated about five kilometres away from our hostel. In order to get there, you can either take a bus, walk or rent a bike directly from us.

The lake is partially surrounded by trees, which makes the whole relaxing/swimming on a hot day experience much more enjoyable
swim like a local

Náklo Sand Quarry

This huge body of water is a bit further away from Olomouc, but it sure is worth the travel. Once you get there, you are free to hang out  with your fellow swim-and-sunbathe-enthusiasts all day. If collective tanning is not your hobby, you can find a nice quiet place for yourself. Since it is an operating quarry, the water is cool, clear and deep, i. e. perfect for a cool down as well as a long swim. In case of a snack/beer emergency, there are enough food and drink stalls to save you.

The vast body of water and sunshine create the strongest summer vibes
looks like sea but it ain’t


Not so keen on encountering any forms of acquatic life? No problem:

Public Swimming Pool

Located across the street from our hostel, the public swimming pool is the fastest option to satisfy you swimming desire. There is an indoor and an outdoor area, which allows you to either hide from the sun or fully bask in it. Thanks to its special area with fun attractions for kids, the swimming pool truly is a family-friendly place. It doesn’t matter if you’re a toddler, a school kid, a teenager or an adult – there is enough fun for everyone!

Just jump into the swimming pool and have fun
just keep swimming

Aquapark Olomouc

Not so much into plain old swimming? Looking for a real-deal splishy-splashy place with all sorts of attractions? Look no more! Aquapark Olomouc is the perfect fit for you, since that is where the water slides, stream channels, water cannons, spouts, massage jets, whirlpools and water trampolines are waiting. The water park is a guaranteed boredom-buster and what’s more – it is easily accessible via public transport.

A water slide is a summer lover's best friend
summer fun is a slippery slope