How to be sustainable in Olomouc

Being sustainable while travelling can be challenging. That’s why we at Poets’ Corner Hostel are here to help you! Here is all we know about sustainability and zero waste in Olomouc.

Poets’ Corner Hostel recycles

According to British Plastic Federation, Czech Republic is one of the best nations in recycling and we at Poets’ Corner Hostel do our best to keep it that way! You will find paper, plastic and glass containers at the hostel. Our staff will be always happy to help you sort what goes where.

Bike and walk

You do not need a car in Olomouc. Everything is perfectly walkable and if you decide to explore beyond our city, the best way to do so is on a bike! There is many bike paths to neighboring towns and you don’t have to worry about hills in our flat area ;). Why not rent a bike from us?

Dolej si – refill your bottle

Drinking regime is important, especially in summer. But buying heaps of drinking water in plastic bottles is not the way to go. Because the best water bottle is the one you can use many times! Thanks to the initiative of students of Palacký University, you can now refill your water in many places around the town – whether a pub, shop or a coffee house. Great news is the project is starting to grow around the whole Czech Republic! Just look for the symbol of the drop (below) or check out their map.

Poets’ TIP
: You can also find two water fountains situated at the Upper and Lower square, close to the fountains.

Say no to disposable coffee cups

Another great initiative is just starting in Olomouc – returnable coffee cups made out of recycled plastic! If you want to enjoy your cup of coffee on the go or in the park and you care about the environment at the same time, this is the answer for you. A network of local cafés was formed, where you can get your coffee in one and then return the used cup in another one. Simple as that! The project Půjčte si kelímek includes KAFE KODÓ, Café La Fée, Naše Café, or Kafe Na Střelnici, but it is very young, so we are expecting the number of participating cafés to rise.

Shop zero-waste

Local products, organic vegetables, goods with no packaging, all that can be easily found in Olomouc. Most of them only walking distance from the hostel. You can either buy your groceries in a local farmers shop To pravé z Hané hidden behind the Mořic shopping mall or go to a specialty zero waste shop Bez Obalu by the church in Kateřinská street. For fruit and veggies, we recommend either the regular markets at Tržnice, that takes place every Wednesday and Saturday morning until 12:00, or Živybar ZE-ZA-HRÁTKY, run by a local organic farm, which is hidden in a passage between Ztracená and Ostružnická streets.

Treat yourself with no regrets

Cocktails, homemade lemonades, coffee with biscuits… NOM! But all the straws, unnecessary packaging and waste we create enjoying those… can be past! If you go the right places. For example our favorite already mentioned Café la Fée exchanged the plastic straws for metal ones and you can even savor your home-made coffee biscuit without the useless plastic wrap.

Get a “green” haircut

This doesn’t mean you need to dye your hair green! Visit a hair salon called Zelená hlava which can be literally translated as “Green Head”. It is located right next to the zero waste shop Bez Obalu in the courtyard of Kateřinská street church. Here, your hair will be treated only with eco-friendly products. What is even better, you can also purchase zero-waste cosmetics. You just bring your own container and they fill it up for you!

Pick your own fruit

Anywhere around Olomouc you go, you will find village roads lined by fruit trees. Cherries, plums, apples or more. These are public trees for anyone to have a bite from them. If you’re biking around, this is the best kind of refreshment you can get – and free!

Sluňákov – centre of ecological activities

Educational and cultural center Sluňákov at the border of Olomouc and the nature conservation area “Litovelské pomoraví” in a beautiful passive house. It offers various events for public to show and teach about the relationship of people and nature. See their events on their Facebook.