Four apps that will make travelling in the Czech Republic easy peasy

Travelling made simple for free!


IDOS app screenshot

The Czech Republic is well know for its neat network of public transport. Really, many Czechs do not even own a car – simply because they do not need it.

To orientate in the network, download an app called, which contains everything from city transport such as metro, trams and buses to international trains to surrounding countries. It can read your position and thus help you to find a proximate station. It has a map, list of intermediate stops, fares etc.! On top of that, it works in Slovakia too! And it is English friendly!

  • Available for: browser, IOS, Android app screenshot

I know, we all have and adore GoogleMaps. Do not worry, we are not going crazy alternative here for no reason. app has the best tourist map with a collection of color-coded hiking, biking and skiing trails, thanks to which you will never get lost again. It lets you plan your trip, shows you points of interest around, public transport stops and even altitude. So good when travelling off the beaten path! Trust us, we used it not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Slovakia and even Georgia!

  • Available for: browser, IOS, Android





Jizdenky app screenshot

Since we like travelling with the “yellow” trains and buses run by Student Agency/RegioJet company, we find this app super handy. Not only you are only two clicks (taps) away from the best way to travel to Prague, Brno or Ostrava, you can even get your tickets for their international lines.

  • Available for: browser, IOS, Android





NaVlak app screenshot

A good addition to app for everyone who likes to have everything under control when travelling. To put is simply, this app works as a train station information board in your phone – including platform of your train and possible delay.

  • Available for: IOS, Android