Shocking, Olomouc is full of festivals!

You’ve  probably already heard that Olomouc has a rich history, beautiful architecture and vibrant student nightlife. What you may not have heard about is how many festivals are happening here throughout the year – we have quite a variety! From music, art and film festivals to beer and baroque music, and even our local stinky cheese has its own celebration!

Tvarůžky festival

The local stinky cheese is so popular it was given its own festival! Any why not? The traditional preparation of our “tvarůžky” dates back 600 years, so it deserves one. You will get the chance to taste it in various combinations (fancy stinky cheese desserts?) and wash it down with good local beers. Combining gastronomy with folk performances, this festival will give you great insight into Moravian culture.

When: 21. – 22. 4. 2018
How much: FREE

Other Gastronomy Festivals

Even though it may seem Olomoucians eat only their stinky cheese, this is not true! We also have the Uzená Olomouc festival (smoked meat festival) Extreme Food Festival, Burger Festival, Chocolate Festival and Garden Food Festival. It is surprising the entire population of Olomouc isn’t overweight yet! 😀

Academia Film Olomouc

One of our most favourite festivals in Olomouc. Even though a documentary film festival may sound dull, it is quite the opposite! It combines the amazing atmosphere of the baroque university, alternative music concerts in a chapel, a colourful mix of students and international visitors and of course a high quality programme. In previous years, guests included names such as Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss.

When: 24. – 29. 4. 2018
How much: FREE


“Majáles Univerzity Palackého Olomouc. Foto: Jan Procházka”

Olomouc is all about students, and so is Majáles – organised by students … for students. Each university in the Czech Republic has one, and so does Palacký University. It is a vibrant combination of concerts, theatre performances, stimulating talks, interesting sport exhibitions (what about trying Quidditch?) and a presentation of student organisations and activities. All this in the area of our old university and the surrounding parks.

When: 9.5.2018
How much: FREE

Divadelní Flóra Theatre Festival

For all you theatre lovers, this is your week. Olomouc comes alive with drama, comedy, dance, improvisation, music… everything you can think of in connection with theatre. All around the city (12 locations), you can see both Czech and international artists.

When: 10. – 20. 5. 2018
How much: Some FREE, some paid.

Fingers Up

Chill out zone. Photo by

A festival where food and a pool party has the same importance as the music, as well as learning something new. Taking place in Mohelnice.

When: 29. – 30. 6. 2018
How much: Starting at 590 CZK

Baroque Olomouc

Whether you are a fan of historical performances or just curious about culture that may seem almost bizarre from today’s point of view, this festival stands out for sure! See for yourself. This month-long selection of baroque concerts, operas, theatre, ballet and more taking place within the baroque premises of the university has been attracting more and more international visitors each year.

When: 8. – 29. 7. 2018
How much: depending on the performance

Letiště Festival (Airport Festival)

A young, multi-genre festival with great vibes, electronic music, experimental theatre, design, art in all its form and good people. It takes place in Hranice at the… wait for it … airport!

When: 13. -14. 7. 2018
How much: Starting at 100 CZK

Colours of Ostrava

The biggest of them all! Even though it is a big festival and presents big names from today’s music industry, it still maintains its good vibe and lets you sample the best from a wide area of genres, from rock and electronica to world music and jazz. The best part is that it takes place in a breathtaking settings of a former coal works.

Even though Colours of Ostrava is not technically located in Olomouc, it is only a 1 hr train ride away, and we at Poets’ Corner Hostel are big fans and highly recommend it.

When: 18. – 21. 7. 2018
How much: Starting at 1 990 CZK

Celtic Night Festival (Keltská noc)

Once upon a time … let’s go back in time to a small village in the rural Moravian region in the heart of Europe where you can attend an international CELTIC FESTIVAL! Yes, you read it right… Celtic! Including Scottish Regiment combat demonstrations, Celtic blacksmiths, Celtic bread baking… and of course many concerts! Located right below the Plumlov castle, an easy bus ride from Olomouc.

When: 20. – 21. 7. 2018
How much: Starting at 250 CZK

Litovelský votvírák

Poets’ Corner Hostel rednecks

Taking place at a brewery, this is a perfect mix of beer, grilled food, rock music and Czech rednecks. Our favourite game at this festival is mullet spotting! Also perfect if you wanna find out how many cover bands we have in the Czech Republic.

When: 11. 8. 2018
How much: FREE

Festival of Film Animation and Contemporary Art (PAF Olomouc 2018)

PAF was created as a platform for combining the art of animation with its borderline forms. Previous years included events such as screening of the Disney classic Aladdin in a baroque chapel, a lecture on witches in popular culture and an art installation in a cinema basement, as well as a faux-club event held in a former civil defence shelter. So we are sure there will be a lot to look forward to this year as well!

When: 6. – 9. 12. 2018
How much: see the web


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