14 things to do in Olomouc on a rainy day (that will not ruin your budget)

Autumn in Olomouc can be beautiful or … well, foggy, rainy and depressing. But don’t give up, we have a list of fun things to do indoors in Olomouc! Plus we always update a list of current events for you that are much more interesting than watching the paint dry.

  1. Olomouc Museum of Art

    Conveniently located in the city centre, the Museum of Art presents both long-term and short-term exhibitions of mainly 20th and 21st century art and will let you take a peek into the Czech art scene. As a bonus, it offers a beautiful view from the little tower you can climb from the top floor.

    POETS’ TIP: The museum is free on Sunday

  2. Coffee and Cats

    Do you miss kitties purring and fluffy paws? Try CoffeeCat whose inhabitants will steal your heart (and maybe more!).

  3. Fort Science

    Bring your inner child out! The Pevnost poznání museum, run by Palacký University, is as interactive as a museum can be. Play with different types of light, crawl into a brain, ride on a gyroscope, try out various experiments with force, and become a chemist for a day. All that in the area of an old fort built in the times of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire.

  4. Movies

    Alright, everyone can Google multiplex cinemas – we’re here to give you the secret tips! Right on our street, you can find the last old-fashioned cinema in Olomouc. It’s called Metropol, and you will find everything from premieres, art movies to series marathons. You can also check the local student art platform Pastiche Filmz, who organize art movie Wednesdays at Konvikt, the oldest university building in town. Finally, movie Tuesdays in Bluesbar Garch – beer, popcorn and a great selection of movies for free!

    POETS’ TIP: Our favourite are movies in Bluesbar Garch.

  5. Olomouc Archdiocesan Museum

    Located within the remnants of the former Olomouc castle, the Archdiocesan museum takes you on a tour through the history of the Olomouc region with a focus on the spiritual culture. It is located in four buildings that were never meant to work as one, so you will be exploring various architecture styles through maze-like passageways. Trust us, even if you’re sick to death of museums, it’s worth going into this one just to see the buildings themselves.

    POETS’ TIP: The museum is free on Sunday

  6. Escape Room

    Escape rooms have experienced a huge boom in the world, and in Olomouc as well. As we Czechs say, there is as many of them as mushrooms after rain! Language is not a barrier, as Escape Plan is in English.

  7. Teahouse

    Flickering dim lights, quality oriental teas and snacks and the smoke from shisha curling in the air. Teahouse culture became very popular in the Czech Republic in the 90s, and now you can choose from a variety of “čajovna” in Olomouc: Kratochvíle, Dobrá čajovna, čajovna Wabi or Sofie.

    POETS’ TIP: Čajovna Wabi has good and affordable sushi.

  8. Beer Spa

    Czechs are known for their beer, but did you know you can bathe in it?! This ultimate beer-lover’s experience can be enjoyed in Svatováclavský pivovar and includes a beer bath, massage and salt cave relaxation, and they let you drink beer throughout your time there. Be prepared to pay about 1,000 CZK.

    POETS’ TIP: Order the beer spa in advance.

  9. Board games

    Good ol’ board games, they never run out of battery! There is plenty in our common room. Whether it is chess, scrabble or cards. Or you can challenge yourself and finish our hardcore puzzle of Český Krumlov!

  10. Aquapark

    Escape from the rain – jump in the water! The joy of water slides, swimming pools and Jacuzzi under one roof in Olomouc aquapark!

  11. Laser Tag

    Do you wonder what computer games feel like in reality? Laser tag in Laser Arena is a fun way to do that! And believe it or not, 15 minutes of this game will also be an intense exercise.

  12. Bowling

    Are you asking yourself “when is the last time I went bowling?” Grab other rain-stranded guest from the hostel and head to Bowland. It will help keep your mind out of the gutters! Giggle.

  13. Fondue Party

    For all your cheese lovers out there, we have a fondue set here at Poets’ Corner Hostel! And we are always happy to make a fondue party. Or shall I say “we’re fondue it”?

  14. A book and a cup of tea

A thing about travelling no one ever told you is that travelling is actually pretty exhausting. There is nothing wrong about wanting a day off once in a while. Make a nice cup of tea, sit in one of our comfy chairs, wrap yourself in a blanket and pick one of the books in our library while listening to the raindrops on the window sill. Peaceful.

POETS’ TIP: Is your bag full of books you already read? Swap with one of ours.