Volunteering with the Poets: Jason

Jason came to Olomouc to help and chill for a week, but ended up staying for a month. Well, these things happen here more often than you’d expect. 

Why Olomouc?

It was by chance that I wound up in this small town in the east of the Czech Republic. I was spending a few days exploring Brno as a stop on my way through towards Poland, and while I was at my hostel, I began speaking with a Russian guy who had been studying in Brno. I asked him whether I should travel to Olomouc or Ostrava after Brno and he suggested Olomouc; and so to Olomouc I went.

Why did you decide to return as a volunteer here at Poet’s Corner Hostel?

I decided to return because after initially spending a few days in Olomouc, I understood that I enjoyed this city immensely. Coupled with the quality of the hostel and its inhabitants, I knew it was somewhere I would like to slow my travels down and really get to know the city. There had been many places so far on my travels that were places I could picture myself spending prolonged time in, and yet Olomouc was the only one I made a reality. It truly is a nice city.

How would you describe your time in Olomouc?

Olomouc is a small enough city to walk through in a day, yet to see everything requires much more time. There is a charm to the city that I hadn’t experienced in a while, perhaps only rivalled by Wroclaw in Poland or Fagueira Da Foz in Portugal (two towns I certainly recommend as well). The city has a population of around 125,000 people, with 25,000 of the inhabitants being students. As a younger male, this is certainly a big draw to the city. There are many events happening by day and night, as well as there being many bars, restaurants, kebab windows and also nice museums to keep you entertained for many days.

What are the perks of volunteering for the hostel?

Having access to meeting many different people from many different cultures was the largest perk for me. As Olomouc is a small city and not exactly on every tourists radar travelling through the area (Prague, Krakow, Budapest), the quality of people I found were higher than those that are in these bigger cities. Not to put those others down, I just found that there were actual backpackers travelling through Olomouc. There is a difference between the mindsets of someone travelling for six weeks and someone travelling for six months – there are exceptions of course.

Would you recommend Olomouc and the hostel?

I would absolutely recommend Olomouc and the hostel. As I’ve attempted to put across in my previous answers, I found the city to be immaculate, fun and full of vibe, and of Olomouc I do not have a bad word to say. Having the hostel here only compliments the city even further. The hostel itself is comfortable, relaxed, and ran by a passionate and enthusiastic team willing to make your experience better. The volunteers are especially wonderful.

What was your favourite thing about Olomouc?

My favourite thing about Olomouc had to be how laid back I found the city to be. No one seems to be in a rush, and the locals I spoke with throughout my weeks there reaffirmed my suspicions regarding this. The various bars and places to eat were also a fine addition.

Do you have anything final you wish to share?

Whether or not you decide to visit this pearl of a city is your decision, though I will extend that it would be a shame if you didn’t spend time there. It is quiet enough to relax and take it easy, and yet busy enough to feel like you’re in a bigger city. I find it to be the perfect European location.

I wish to also extend my many thanks and appreciations to the team running the Poet’s Corner Hostel. Kevin is a friendly, knowledgable and intelligent man, and is always more than willing to assist with any queries you may have.

And to the owners, Ian and Klára, the opportunities and generosity you both gave me over the weeks I was in the hostel were the biggest factors in my reasonings for staying the time I did. From the very beginning you were friendly and accepting, and I wish you both the utmost happiness in future. I will always hold my time at Poets’ Corner as a cornerstone of my experience travelling through Europe for the rest of my days – thank you