What’s on in February

7 February

Concert – Jakub Cermaque – Kratochvíle – 19:00

Concert – Please the Trees – Jazz Tibet Club – 20:00

11 February

Lunar New Year – Asian Style – 15 Minut Music Club – 20:00

12 February

Olomouc English Comedy presents Sex, Gods and Hysteria – Divadlo na cucky – 19:00

14 February

Concert – Conamara Chaos: traditional Irish music – Bounty Rock Cafe – 20:00

Welcome Semestr Party – 15 Minut Music Club / Sklub – 21:00

15-17 February

Olomouc Chocolate Festival – Galerie Šantovka

16 February

Iron Maiden Revival (cover band) – Bounty Rock Cafe – 21:00

Bohemian Rhapsody at Kino Metropol

9/2 – 21:00

15/2 – 20:00

25/2 – 14:00

HOCKEY!! – HC Olomouc

13/2 (18:00) – Hradec Kralove … 17/02 (17:00) – Litvinov … 22/2 (18:00) – Liberec …

26/2 (17:20) – Karlovy Vary

‘Tis the Season

First and foremost, all of us at Poets’ Corner wish every one of you the best and Merriest of Holiday Seasons and Happiest of New Years! Now, to get down to business … YES, we are open for both Christmas and New Years! We do have a 2-night minimum stay over the holidays so that everyone can enjoy all that Olomouc and its markets have to offer and not feel rushed (trust us, it is worth the extra day round our fair city), but we will also be cooking up a Christmas Eve feast for all our guests – our traditional chilli (meat and vegan) and the Czech Christmas carp (yes, carp) along with a cornucopia of side dishes – and on New Years’ Eve, we will celebrate with a few raised glasses and smiles all round as 2019 comes into focus! Book a bed or room, ask us any questions you may have, come see the beautiful Olomouc, have a hot wine on the square and feel the warmth of the season! See you soon!

Grab your scarves and coats, kids!

After a sweltering summer, we can now feel the chill of the coming winter creeping in. But this is actually when Olomouc starts revving up! The students are back at university, so there is always something going on somewhere – usually at the pubs 🙂 But this is also a great season to visit the surrounding countryside, with the amazing colours of the trees in the nearby hills and mountains, the peace and quiet of the quaint villages and towns and the lovely river and forest walks. Olomouc is also a great haven for coffee and tea lovers! So come by and visit one of the many cafes or tea houses and warm yourself up after a day out … and of course we always have some extra blankets to wrap yourself up in at the hostel, too.

The Summer of Love – Bike Rental

Those of us that live here know that Olomouc isn’t that difficult to traverse on foot, BUT it is also a fairly bike-friendly city, too! Though you may jar your teeth loose on the cobbled streets of the old town, the surroundings have great bike paths and side roads to investigate on two wheels! Not too far away is also a lake to cool yourself off in after a hot day! Complete with an outdoor snack bar with cold beer! So, on your bikes, kids … only 100 CZK per day rental!

The Summer of Love – Free Nights

Love Olomouc? Enjoying Poets’ Corner Hostel? Need more time, but on a budget? Then this is for you:

If you stay 5 consecutive nights, then your 6th night is free! Yup … gratis, nada, no cash! Now now now, there are rules to this, like that it only works for dorm beds, only if you book directly with us (no booking.com or other sites) and a few other small details, but … just ask us when you get here!

The Summer of Love – Laundry Service

Ok ok ok! Let us begin with a bit of goodness to keep you fresh and happy and sweat free – at least till you step back outside, anyway:

Now, you may not know, but we can scrub up your dirty garments for you if you need … give us a bag of those dirty cloths, and we will wash them up for you for 100 CZK … BUT if you stay 3 or more consecutive nights, you can keep that cash for more beer or food! Yup … you get those odoriferous socks smelling nice and less deadly for free!

Volunteers Needed!

If you are interested in getting to know the city, country, region and all that, come volunteer with us! We are looking for travellers that are good with people, skilled with a dust cloth or even just handy with a paintbrush to spend some time with us.  We promise not to overwork you, and we’ll throw in accommodation … and even a few extra perks … for your time! Drop on by or send us an email, and let’s have a chat!