Spring, Cheese and Cinema

Oh, the weather outside is … lovely! The windows are open, the balcony is being sat upon and the city is buzzing … so come to Olomouc, grab your ice cream cone and make the best of the sun!

April is also a good month for events: we have the local festival of regional stinky cheese (tastes much better than it sounds) coming up, and the city will soon host  the 53rd International Festival of Science Documentary Films – AFO | Academia Film Olomouc – and we are running out of space fast!

Volunteers needed!

If you are interested in getting to know the city, country, region and all that, come volunteer with us! We are looking for travellers that are good with people, skilled with a dust cloth or even just handy with a paintbrush to spend some time with us.  We promise not to overwork you, and we’ll throw in accommodation … and even a few extra perks … for your time! Drop on by or send us an email, and let’s have a chat!



Poets’ Corner Hostel is a traditional backpackers hostel located in a set of unique, homely flats in the centre of the stunning little city of Olomouc in Moravia.

The hostel is fitted with an inviting and eclectic mix of comfortable retro furniture, with armchairs you can sink into, oriental carpets, warm colours and uniquely decorated rooms. Our private rooms are spacious and have loads of character with antique furnishings. The common room is the ‘heart’ of the hostel and creates a wonderful atmosphere perfect for making new friends with your fellow travellers or to relax in whilst reading or listening to music.

There is a balcony with a view of St Wenceslas Cathedral and the hills beyond, including the magnificent Basilica on ‘Holy Hill’.

As well as this, the hostel features two fully-equipped kitchens (on separate floors), perfect for cooking up a feast. Free tea and coffee is also always available.

All shared bathrooms have piping hot water when you need it and are just down the hall to all the rooms.

At Poets’ Corner Hostel, you are free to do your own thing, or join in on whatever might be going on, like an ice hockey game in the winter, a filling meal in one of the many restaurants, a drink in town or even a day trip now and then. We maintain a friendly, social vibe here, but one that allows you to just kick back on your own if you like, read a book or make use of the free WI-FI.

Hope to see you soon!

How To Find Us

Getting to Olomouc from other popular places:

We recommend checking the following websites to assist with your planning:


This is a really user friendly site (available in English, too), which is great for finding all train and bus connections from or to anywhere in the Czech Republic from or to anywhere else in Europe.  Don’t hesitate to email us at reservations@thecornerhostel.com if you want any further tips or information!


Not just for students! They offer an ever expanding network of trains and buses which is efficient, friendly and great value. It is particularly good if travelling to and from places like Prague, Český Krumlov, Kraków, Vienna, Bratislava and even Berlin. The website is easy to use and available in English.


Leo Express also offers great trains and buses, too. They have a service to and from Kraków via Ostrava or Bohumin that does the entire trip in less than 4 hours.

How to find the hostel once you reach Olomouc:

Have a gander at our handy interactive map or follow the instructions you will find below it!

From the main bus station (Autobusové Nádraží ):

1. Walk through the pedestrian underpass (do NOT attempt to cross the main road – always use the underpass) and cross the little road to the tram stop just beyond.

2. Buy a 14 CZK ticket from the yellow vending machine and catch the number 4 tram towards the train station and get off at Náměstí Hrdinů (the 7th stop). If you are facing the bus station (where you just walked from), the tram goes to the right. Make sure you validate your ticket as you get on the tram!

From the main train station (Hlavní nádraží):

1. With your back to the station entrance, trams towards the centre go to the right. Buy a 14 CZK ticket from the yellow vending machine or Tabak shop.

2. Catch the number 3, 4 or 6 tram. Get off at Náměstí Hrdinů (the 6th stop). Or catch the number 7 tram and get off at Náměstí Hrdinů (the 5th stop).

NB: Student Agency buses usually stop at bus stand “M” about 200 metres from the train station. You can catch a tram from there towards the train station but there is no vending machine. You can buy a tram ticket from the driver (exactly 20 CZK), or just walk to the station.

Finding the Hostel from Náměstí Hrdinů

Walk AWAY from the red brick church with the single steeple and small white clock and walk TOWARDS the other church with a GREEN dome roof a few hundred metres away. On the way, walk past the big brick building (SPEA medical centre). On the next corner, you will see “Charley” second hand store. We are next to it on the right (Sokolská 1).

Buzz the intercom for ‘Hostel’. If the front door of the building is already open, walk up to the 4th floor. Sorry, there is no elevator!

If you are coming by car, please note that there is a 2 hour limit for street parking (and it costs 20 CZK per hour) on our street (Sokolská) between 9 am and  6pm Monday to Friday. At other times, parking is free and unlimited. There is free and unrestricted street parking available every day on a street called ‘U Husova Sboru’, which is just a couple of minutes walk away. There is also room for a motorbike in the back courtyard. Ask the staff to assist you with doors, etc. upon arrival. If you need more information regarding parking, please contact us.

Bicycle travellers? Yes, we can safely store your bike! We can also recommend several good bike stores for repairs or supplies.

** If you get a bit lost, ask a friendly local how to find Sokolská Street. If they don’t speak English, say ‘ Prosim vas kde je Ulice Sokolska’ (pronounced “Proseem vas, G’Day yeah Oolitseh Sokolska?”), which means ‘Excuse me, where is Sokolská Street?’

If you are too tired for navigation and just want to get here, you can catch a taxi from the bus or train station. The taxis are usually yellow cars. It is likely the drivers won’t speak much English, so politely say: “Sokolska Yedna proseem” (which means “#1 Sokolská Street, please”). Expect to pay around 100 CZK to 120 CZK.


Christmas Markets are here!

Are you as excited as we are? The spiced mulled wine, smell of roasted chestnuts and Christmas carols, it all starts on November 23. We have the programme of the Christmas markets for you ready in an English backpacker-friendly version.

Contact and Reservations

We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have! If you have any inquiries, please email us at:


You can also write or call us at the numbers and addresses provided below.

For group bookings of 8 or more guests, please contact us directly as well.

Or you can go ahead and book directly here to reserve a spot AND save 13-15% by not paying increasingly higher service charges to the major booking sites (and we all love to save money, right?)!